Our Story

Hey there! Welcome to Curlico. We are a curl care brand based in the Philippines. 🇵🇭 

Curlico. was founded in October 2019 by Andrea, a then 21 year old university student and commercial photographer 
who always kept her hair in a bun. It all started with our satin headbands - when our founder started the Curly Girl Method, she found it hard to find products, accessories, and tools that were specifically designed for naturally textured hair. Sadly, she couldn't find high quality satin headbands online and in stores. Because of this, she started making her own satin accessories using her mother's sewing machine and scrap satin fabric. 

Curlico. officially launched on November 2019, with just 3 products - the Curlico. Satin Strip Headband, Satin Twist Headband, and Satin Night Cap. Fast forward to March 2021, and we now have a total of over 50 products, with more than 150 variants.


Our goal is to encourage Filipinos to embrace and love their natural texture - may it be wavy, curly, coily, kinky, or anything in between - by providing quality, affordable, and accessible hair care products as well as educational hair care content.


Now, we're working extra hard to bring all of your favourite curly hair brands together in one space, and of course, new and better curl care solutions made for Filipinos. ☀️🇵🇭


  • Curl + i + community

    We are more than just a hair care brand. We are a community that celebrates the beauty of natural curls and supports each other in our curly hair journeys. Join us and be a part of the Curlico. community!

  • Curl + i + collaboration

    We believe that the best ideas come from collaboration, which is why we involve our customers and manufacturers in the creation and improvement of our products and services. Let's work together to create the best curly hair care solutions!

  • Curl + i + company

    We are more than just a company that sells hair care products. We are a company that values quality, fairness, and sustainability in everything we do. From our products to our practices, we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us.

We are committed to:


We don’t just sell, we build a community.

We believe that every good product and brand is a result of active collaboration with our consumers, employees, and suppliers.

We value our community and their honest feedback - we involve them and actively ask for opinion and feedback in order to improve our products and services.


Quality does not have to be expensive, or at the expense of others.

Our goal is to create high-quality, functional, and affordable curly hair care solutions for curlies in the Philippines, and around the world.

We aim for our commitment to quality to reflect in our products, branding, customer service, down to content.

Fair Trade

At curlico., we believe in fair trade. All of our products are lovingly crafted by our founder and her trusted seamstress. We can assure you that your beauty does not come at the expense of others.

One of our goals is to help stay-at-home parents generate income without having to sacrifice quality time away from their families. Unlike sewing factories, we communicate directly with our sewers and set a fair price for the production of each curlico. piece. We always aim to provide fair, living wages and practices for our sewers.


We always aim to make better material and packaging choices, reduce waste in the production and packaging process, reuse resources whenever possible, and to properly dispose or donate any and all wastes from our operations to the right organizations.

All of our plastic wastes collected from our suppliers' or manufacturers' packaging, return parcels, and personal orders are properly cleaned and sorted, to be donated to organizations such as Green Antz. For transparency: we have collected 4 bags of plastic since we started in 2019 and are scheduled to donate them this June 2022.

Prior to production of our Silk and Satin Collection, our Founder personally pre-plots our product patterns through an application to ensure every inch is maximized.

Any fabric wastes are donated to sewers who then make them into pillow fillers, rugs, or other finished products.

We package our products in corrugated carton boxes, minimize use of unneccessary paper collaterals, and try to avoid plastic materials if able. We also use recycled cartons, bubble wrap, or paper fillers.

For full transparency: As a small business, it is quite difficult for us to completely stop using bubble wrap for our hair tools and hair products as they are classified as potentially breakable items. As much as we want to use honeycomb paper wraps as an alternative, they cost a whole lot more and we honestly cannot afford it unless we raise our selling costs. This is also a difficult move as Shopee is a highly competitive marketplace.

We are currently saving up for a carton honeycomb shredding machine so we can completely eliminate bubble wrap in our packaging materials. Our goal is to be able to purchase it within 2022.

Sustainability is a journey, and we're all here for it. 🌎 Please feel free to reach out for any suggestions.

We are always thinking of ways to make your hair care journey easier ♡

Please do not hesitate to share with us your struggles and / or thoughts about our products - our inbox is always open 🤗