Understanding Your Hair Type

First of all, congratulations on taking the first step to learning more about your curls! We are so happy to know that more Filipinos are starting to embrace their natural texture. ❤️
Keeping your curls healthy can’t be done overnight. It takes a whole lot of love and patience until your hair reaches its tip-top shape. But believe us when we say that when you do, it is definitely worth the wait! 

Our Curl Care Basics Guide will be divided into 5 blog posts:
1) Introduction: Understanding Your Hair Type (This page!) 
2) Hair Pattern
3) Hair Porosity
4) Hair Width
5) Hair Density

Hair Type is more than just your Hair Pattern. It's a combination of your hair's properties: PorosityWidthDensity, and Pattern.

Contrary to popular belief, your Hair Pattern is the least important factor that may help you understand how to take better care of your curly hair. This is because the Hair Typing System itself is not based on science, not comprehensive, and may only serve as a basic guide for those just starting out - specifically in figuring out the different techniques and routines that work for people with similar hair type as yours.

Understanding your hair's porosity, width, density, and listening to what your hair likes and needs is much more important than determining your pattern. Your lifestyle and climate also play a huge role in building your own, personalized hair care routine

Your Hair Type may change as you go through different phases of your life - this is especially true for your Hair Porosity and Pattern! 

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