CGM 101: Do's and Don'ts

Basic Do’s and Don'ts 

Don't overwash and only use gentle cleansers or co-wash
Tbh, this will depend on your hair type and preferences. But Massey recommends that for wavy hair, shampooing may be done once a week. For curly hair, once every ten days with co-wash (conditioner washing) once a week. For coily textures, prioritize co-washing and shampoo less frequently.  
Avoid using harsh cleansers
Use products with gentle and moisturizing ingredients Avoid products with Silicones, Sulfates, Drying Alcohols, and some Waxes and Oils
Traditional shampoo contains sulfates that dry and damage your hair while conditioners and some styling products have polymer or silicone that build up on your curls (without washing them with sulfates!), leaving them flat and greasy. You may check here if your products contain ingredients that are CG-approved:
Air dry as much as possible
Air drying your hair is still the best way to go but if it can’t be helped, you may opt for a diffuser. 
Ditch heat styling tools
Using hair tools like blow dryer, curling iron, and hair straightener can damage your hair over time.
Plop with a Microfiber Towel or Cotton T-shirt
Plopping is a hair drying technique that uses a cotton t-shirt, a muslin cloth, or a microfiber towel to dry your wet curls. Doing so increases definition and prevents hair from frizz and damage. 
Don't use terry towels
Terry towels are known to absorb all of your hair's moisture and is not gentle on your hair. Most importantly - don't towel-rub your hair to dry!
Use your fingers to detangle
It is highly suggested that you work your way through the tangles using your fingers. It’s more natural and gentler to your curls. 


Don't use combs or brushes on your hair, especially when dry
Combing or brushing causes hair breakage and frizz
Be patient and trust the process
Take notes and familiarize yourself with your hair type and its characteristics
Avoid chemical treatments and coloring and bleaching your hair
Now that you have an idea of the CGM Do's and Don'ts, let's head to the CGM 101: Preparation Guide >   
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